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Dealing With The Driving Dilemma

Dealing With The Driving Dilemma

Alzheimer's affects your memory, your ability to care for yourself, and eventually, your ability to drive. Telling a loved one that they should no longer operate a car can be tricky. Learn more!

Banana Bread With Busha

Story: Baking Banana Bread

"Busha always seemed happiest in the kitchen, and I could tell she was frustrated at not being able to cook and bake like she used to..."

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What My Grandma Means To Say

What My Grandma Means to Say: Talking With Kids About Alzheimer's

Having a grandparent with Alzheimer’s can be both confusing and frightening for children. This short play offers some helpful strategies for opening that dialog with young people ages 10 through 12. Take a look!

Click to watch more inspirational and educational videos about raising awareness for Alzheimer's.

Because You Care

Because You Care

It's not always easy to look in the face of suffering. But if we want to ease the burden shouldered by too many billions subsiding on less than %1 a day, we must pay attention. We must act.

That's the CARE way — and it's your way too. We refuse to stand by and let a child go hungry. If there is pain and suffering in our world, we take action.

Sign and share this pledge today to say, "I care."

Provide Needed Care for Alzheimer's Patients
When a family is unable to afford a caregiver, or the caregiver needs to take personal time, ExtraCare is just the place to find affordable care and mental stimulation for those affected by Alzheimer's. Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ enrich the lives of people dealing with Alzheimer's disease or related conditions by providing opportunities for social, physical, mental, and creative activities. Thank you!

Help families touched by Alzheimer's get the care their loved ones need.

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