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Contribute To Alzheimer's Research And Care

Contribute To Research & Care

Incredible research into the causes of and treatments for Alzheimer's is happening every day. And with each new day, our knowledge of this disease is advancing. By raising awareness, more people are reaching out to help those affected.

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The Alzheimer's Awareness Blog

MusicAffectsBrain1The Healing Power of Music? Science Says Yes!

Music is much more than just something to fill the silence. Turns out our brains are wired to sense rhythm and our heartbeat and breathing changes with the beat of music to try to match the song. Music, it turns out, can literally change our brain’s chemistry. Incredible! This fascinating video features information on why...

BrainExercise3Amazing! The Results of the Study at 1:22 Will Blow Your Mind!

Although the brain takes up just 2% of your totally body weight, it demands up to 20% of the oxygen you take in! Exercise increases the amount of oxygen needed by the body, which in turn sends extra blood and nutrients to the brain. And it’s not just the young who can benefit their minds...

babyhusky1This Baby and His Husky Are Having The Cutest Conversation! You Have To Hear It!

If it's true that best friends can communicate without words, then these two clearly have a special bond. See their precious interaction!

LaughterEllen2Ellen Has the Newest Breakthrough in Brain Health!

The results of a new study have found that laughing makes brains work better. It helps to lower stress, improve memory, and lower blood pressure. Amazing! Check out the video of Ellen reporting on this story in her classic style that's sure to get you laughing!

EmoryCauses1So Helpful! This Video Was Really Informative!

While there is a wealth of correlating data to suggest what might be the cause of Alzheimer’s, scientists still aren’t exactly sure what makes the disease appear. This video from Emory University discusses some of the most recent research as scientists try to determine what brings about Alzheimer’s.

Fund a Toll-Free Alzheimer's Hotline
The Alzheimer's Foundation of America's toll-free hotline delivers compassion, knowledge, and care through licensed social workers, and provides information, counseling, and referrals to community resources across the nation. Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ will serve and provide care to more people that are desperately in need of help. Thank you!

Help fund the Alzheimer's Foundation of America's toll-free hotline.

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