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A beaver goes to the grocery store

Shoppers at a Port Clinton grocery store in Ohio had unexpected company in the form of a beaver, according to the Mansfield News Journal.

On Tuesday, March 22, a young adult beaver went into the Kroger grocery store on East Harbor Road and hid under a table filled with cookies and donuts, becoming increasingly sleepy.

Customers took photos of the animal, while the Ottawa County Sherriff's Deputy Marc Nye was called to the scene. Nye cautioned curious shoppers not to get too close to the beaver.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge was called in, with employees Tommy Reinhart and Kylie Biggert helping to coax out the animal.

"Animals do strange things. It's that time of year when creatures start to move around a little more," Patrick Baranowski, the supervisor of the Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, told the news source. Baranowski could not explain why the beaver went into the store in the first place.

Beavers are known to be like little engineering animals, building and rebuilding their dams along rivers and lakes. However, these little workers are actually the largest rodents in North America, according to National Geographic.
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