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A heartfelt thank you from Guthrie, OK

On May 24, 2011, a tornado literally flattened the shelter in Guthrie, Oklahoma. A $75,000 grant underwritten by the Gifts That Give [tm] program at The Animal Rescue Site made a Rescue U trip to Oklahoma possible and paid for all the building supplies needed. At the beginning of 2012, student volunteers arrived in Guthrie from Delaware Valley College, Montgomery County Community College in Pennsylvania, the University of Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State University.

At the end of the rebuild, they presented Suzy Brown with a check for $10,000 to help her feed and care for the pets living in the Guthrie shelter.  Brown responded recently with the following note.

To The Animal Rescue Site:

It has been an amazing honor to be the recipient of your great gifts to us. The changes that you have made for our shelter are nothing short of miraculous. In seven days, the entire place looks and feels so much different…

Rescue U is a group that is a great representative of humanity in action. They gave their all to make this a better place for the animals, the staff, and all who visit. If only the rest of society understood that these animals are important and their fate rests with everyone’s judgment and care. I will do my part to share that message with all who will listen, and I know that will make a small difference.

Rescue U offers youth, enthusiasm, and strength of character to this cause beyond the monetary gifts, and I look forward to their future efforts.

This tremendous gift has given the people and animals closely affected by this disaster a sense of new beginnings and repair, a gift that has no monetary value, but is most important to all.

I wish I could share insight into the emotional roller coaster we called the May 24th disaster. No words can explain the brokenness you feel. You have renewed our spirits with repair, hope, and gratitude, something we hold as priceless. You reminded us why we chose to help animals in the first place.

I thank you for all the animals who will enter and all who will leave this facility as “forever pets” because you have personally had a hand in their new found beginnings.

I am truly thankful for all of you working together to make this happen.

Suzy Brown, Animal Control
Guthrie, Oklahoma


Watch the students rebuild the shelter and present Brown with the $10,000 check here.

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