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A little girl with autism learns to play

Three-year-old Stephanie has been in the Lekotek program for children with autism since she was five months old.  Her mother is a single parent with low income. But contributions from have allowed Stephanie and her mom to continue their membership in Lekotek.

StephanieFor Stephanie, one of the benefits that she has experienced through Lekotek services is learnng “to play with toys and develop her communication and social skills,” according to her mother.

The Lekotek program also offers family training sessions for parents. Through these sessions, Stephanie’s mother has learned how to better discipline Stephanie through play using positive reinforcement and new ways to let her child lead during play that allow Stephanie the chance to express herself.

"It is only Stephanie and I at home," said her mother, "and through Lekotek play groups she has learned to be open and how to socialize with other children, increasing her self esteem. Without Lekotek, Stephanie would not be given that opportunity. She has learned how to take care of her toys and she is always sharing and looking forward to coming to her individual play sessions." supports Lekotek and other programs to help children like Stephanie through contributions from The Autism Site and Gifts That Give [™] program.

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