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A porpoise is rescued in Japan

A porpoise who lay stranded in a flooded rice paddy in Japan was rescued and returned to the ocean.

The meter-long baby porpoise was washed in by the tsunami and spotted more than a week after the earthquake, according to BBC News.

A pet-shop owner named Ryo Taira, who has helped other animal rescue efforts after the earthquake, was called and waded into the water to carry the tired porpoise using a makeshift stretcher, according to CNN.

"It was pretty weak by then, which was probably the only reason we could catch it. ...I don't know if it will live, but it's certainly a lot better than dying in a rice paddy," Taira told a Reuters source.

Nearly 10,000 people have died with another 16,000 still missing after the massive earthquake in Japan on March 11.

Porpoises are different from their more famous relatives, dolphins, and have a rounded head shape instead of a snout, according to National Geographic. They live on average about 20 years and can dive as deep as 656 feet.
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