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A thank you from HSI to

Photo by Iwane MyachiHello, and greetings, from one of the Humane Society International (HSI) disaster responders who went to Japan in the aftermath of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster. 

Because of your prompt and generous response to the appeal at The Animal Rescue Site and, we were able to deploy rapidly and effectively, to carry out our mission and to provide training, direct care, practical assistance, and grants-in-aid to Japanese partner organizations. 

We’re immensely grateful to you and to The Animal Rescue Site for choosing HSI.  Your support allowed us to apply the lessons of HSI’s many previous disaster deployments in other countries, to help countless animals and to meet the unique challenges of the Japanese disaster, including the perils and risks associated with radiation release from the Fuyushima Daiitsu nuclear reactor.  While on assignment, we worked on temporary sheltering, pet-friendly policies at human shelters, safety protocols for handling animals from the disaster zone, and on the development and management of feeding stations and programs for roaming strays. 
Recognizing the competency of Japanese animal welfare organizations, we’re now stepping back to develop a near-term plan for supporting response efforts in the next phase of disaster recovery.  That will include direct care for animals where necessary, additional grants, further assessments, and the selection of suitable long-term legacy projects.  

I’m proud to say that whenever and wherever HSI intercedes in a disaster scenario, we commit to the longer term outcomes, whether they involve reconstruction, the launching of new programs, or the reform of disaster preparedness planning and other animal-related policies in the devastated nations.  The same will be true for Japan, where even in the most serious and grim of situations, my colleagues and I held onto our hope that the efforts made possible by your kind support would all lead toward the reinvigoration of concern for animals in Japan, and a brighter day for animals and those who care about them. 
I know I can speak for my colleagues in disaster response in communicating our deepest thanks for your devotion to our work, and for making our deployment possible.  We won’t ever forget the good that we were able to accomplish, as a direct result of your humane instincts.
Kelly Coladarci
Humane Society International

Kelly cleaning dogs in Japan

Photos of Kelly Coladarci in Japan taken by Iwane Myachi and provided by HSI

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