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Acupuncture helps pet owner improve dog’s quality of life

Pinner, an adopted chocolate Lab, suffers from advanced liver disease, but has found relief in acupuncture treatments, reports The Chronicle-Telegram.

Kathy Edwards and Carol Ruzicka of Newburgh Heights, Ohio, are Pinner’s owners, and they had tried many traditional medicines to improve their pet’s health, but none seemed to be effective. As a last resort, they turned to Stephanie Dean of Happy Pet Vet in North Ridgeville for her unique take on pet health.

“We basically had nothing to lose,” Dean told the source. “I expressed concern to the client that we were very late in the course of Pinner’s disease. We started intensely, doing acupuncture every four days.”

After three months of both traditional medicines and acupuncture, Pinner has had a miraculous recovery and is playful, active and looks very healthy.

With ever increasing expenditures being spent on companion pets, there are many new forms and techniques of pet care being explored for animals.

The American Pet Products Association, Inc. reports that in 2010, pet owners spent $10.94 billion on pet medicines and $13.01 billion on veterinarian care alone.
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