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Adopt-a-Shelter Dog this month

October has been named Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month in an effort to increase the number of dogs that get adopted out from animal rescue shelters. reports that there are many good reasons to adopt a dog, for your own sake and for the animal's.

Columnist Julia Szabo writes on the website that adopting a dog is the green way to go. "One person's trash … is another's treasured pet," she writes. In addition, owners who adopt a dog are doing their part to end the nationwide crisis of homelessness, because every year thousands of dogs become homeless through no fault of their own.

Plus, owners who adopt will be gaining plenty from the new canine friend. It is the stylish thing to do, Szabo points out, as celebrities including Lenny Kravitz have adopted dogs. In addition, it will love you unconditionally - getting rid of feelings of loneliness or stress.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals reports that before adopting a dog, families should stock up on pet supplies and divvy up responsibilities so the new addition will seamlessly transition into the family. 
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