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Amazing Water Rescue Caught on Camera

Dogs and WatersportsThe rescue had all the elements of a good story: endearing characters, thrilling suspense, a bit of mystery, and a happy ending.

In this case, the damsel in distress was a lone Shih Tzu, mysteriously marooned on an isolated rock several hundred feet from shore. With water cutting off all access to land and the tides rising, the situation appeared grim.

Fortunately for the vagabond pet, long-distance rower and canine champion Charlie Head stumbled on the unfolding scene on the final leg of his 600-mile trip from Cornwall to London. Upon spotting the stranded creature, Charlie knew what had to be done: “He’s just sat out there like a little dude, wondering what to do. He definitely needs a rescue.”

Before the rising tide could swallow the terrified pup, he plucked the shivering Shih Tzu from a watery grave and headed for the safety of shore. Fortunately, this story had a happy ending when Molly was reunited with her family thanks to the efforts of Lord Whisky Animal Sanctuary. And, of course, Charlie.

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