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An Officer's Best Friend

police_dogThibodaux, Louisiana Police Sergeant Chris Bourg tells the Daily Comet that retirement of his beloved partner of five years is bittersweet. “Slider” is a talented, eight-year-old Belgian Malinois who has helped Bourg apprehend 38 criminals during their tenure together. One of the clever K-9’s more memorable victories involved tracking a gang of burglars through the town’s streets after he picked up their scent from the truck seats at the business being robbed.

"There are a lot of things the dogs do to help us accomplish our mission," Bourg says, obviously proud of his partner. "Slider does it all.” He also exhibited a mischievous side on the job, often escaping from the squad car’s backseat to turn on the lights and sirens to greet the returning officer. Sadly, Slider is heading into retirement because of an increasing risk of seizures, something fairly common for dogs of his age and breed, but at least he has great support waiting for him.

As Slider’s long-time partner, trainer, and friend, Bourg is in a unique position to help him transition from the rigors of K-9 duty to the more pastoral pleasures of retirement. The City Council recently granted custodianship of Slider to Sergeant Bourg so that he can help his furry colleague acclimate to civilian life. "He's still got that police dog mentality," Bourg says. "I still take him out and play fetch with him. Sooner or later, he will get used to retirement I hope."

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