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Animal advocates ensuring no puppies sold on Facebook Marketplace

You can rent an apartment or buy a used laptop on Facebook, but soon enough, you won't be able to buy puppies bred in puppy mills. That is, if the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has anything to do with it, reports.

The ASPCA is working with Facebook and Oodle, the company that powers the social networking site's Marketplace, to ensure that online classifed ads on the site do not list dogs from puppy mills. The measure is part of the organization's "No Pet Store Puppies" campaign.

The campaign, which boycotts buying anything from a pet store that sells puppies, aims to end the inhumane conditions that characterize most large-scale dog breeding operations. According to the campaign website, large-scale breeders value profit over the well-being of the animals, which means many are kept in unsanitary, overcrowded conditions for most or all of their lives. The ASPCA argues that online puppy sellers may also get their puppies from these facilities.

"Consumers who purchase a puppy from a website run the risk of acquiring an unhealthy animal and often end up with expensive vet bills and broken hearts," Cori Menkin, senior director of the ASPCA Puppy Mills Campaign, told the news source. "We hope additional online retailers and classifieds will follow this example and stop providing a platform for puppy mill sales."
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