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Animal rescue center advises against micro pig ownership

Animal rights advocates are warning would-be pet owners to refrain from purchasing micro pigs, small swines that recently surged in popularity. The animals may not make good pets and are often abandoned by their owners, according to the BBC.

Micro pigs were somewhat of a fad, after several notable celebrities, including Victoria and David Beckham, announced they had purchased one. However, officials state that these animals may not be so "micro" after all- it could be impossible to tell how big these animals will grow.

Additionally, pigs may not be ideal pets because they can be destructive and are quite powerful animals. Animal rescue workers are finding that many of the swine, which are typically a cross between a pot bellied and Kune Kune pig, are given up by their owners.

"It's rescue centers that pick up the pieces of people buying animals on a fad and them giving them up on a whim," John Beresford, an animal rescue worker, told the news source.

According to the Daily Telegraph, there have been several recent incidents involving breeders who claimed to be selling micro pigs but were in actuality giving away piglets that were not full grown.
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