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Animal rescue group called Planned Pethood

You have likely heard of Planned Parenthood, but have you heard of Planned Pethood? The organization is aiming to reduce animal overpopulation by promoting spaying and neutering, according to a new report from the Toledo Blade.

"You can’t adopt your way out of the problem. The only way to fix the problem is to spay [and] neuter," Nikki Morey, the executive director for Planned Pethood, told the news provider.

All animals staying at the Planned Pethood center are spayed and neutered before they are adopted. Many other animal rescue organizations are doing the same in order to prevent the overpopulation problem from expanding. Pet owners who already have a dog or cat should ask a veterinarian or local animal rescue center about spaying and neutering.

More than 77 million dogs and 93 million cats are household pets in the U.S., according to the Humane Society. About 33 percent of American homes have at least one cat, with 56 percent of cat owners having more than one feline pet. Many more cats and dogs are waiting to be adopted at local shelters, and animal rescue organizations throughout the country face overpopulation concerns.
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