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Animal rescue involves dogs, cats and a pig saved by boat

An animal rescue effort succeeded in rescuing 65 dogs, 74 cats and a potbelly pig after heavy rains in Muncie, Indiana, flooded outdoor animal pens, endangering the animals, according to The Indy Channel.

The animal rescue team consisted of the employees at the Animal Rescue Fund, a nonprofit animal shelter organization, who saved the animals using a boat.

The flooding, which had reached more than four feet in height,comma posed danger of electrocution.

"They were submerged in water, so I had to get in there and get them out any way I could. I went to grab the gate to open up to get to my dogs, and I got shocked, and I flew back a little bit," Lydia Parks, an employee, told the news source.

Most of the dogs are being housed with foster families, as of Monday February 28, and the cats appear to be safe as well.

The flooding in Central Indiana has been attributed to heavy rainfall and melting snow, according to Fox 59 News.
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