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Animal rescue shelter blogs for abandoned dog

Many animal lovers like to cruise the web for stories about animal rescues, brave dogs and tiny kittens. But would you read a blog kept by an abandoned dog?

That's right - thanks to the volunteers at Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, the life experiences of one cute canine, Herbie, are being chronicled in a blog.

Though Herbie lacks the opposable thumbs and vocal chords that would enable him to express his life story, those who work for the organization have begun a blog for the mongrel.

Herbies' underwriters are using the public forum to share Herbie's experiences as an abandoned dog with the world, and to raise awareness of animal cruelty while finding him a home.

The German shepherd mix, who survived three months out on the streets after his family moved away, was found on one very cold Valentine's Day in Franklin County, Virginia, by a neighbor who recognized him.

The pooch had seen his fair share of wear and tear, but he's healing up nicely and the blog is generating plenty of attention - we're sure that he'll be moving into a warm and loving home in no time!

If you're interested in promoting responsible pet ownership, consider volunteering at your local Humane Society.
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