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Animal rescue shelter gets rehabilitated after tornado

When the tornado swept across Oklahoma in May 2011, the Guthrie Animal Shelter was one of the many buildings that was entirely decimated. While most of the 64 animals in the shelter's care made it through the storm safely, they were, like many residents in the area, left homeless.

Although FEMA provided enough assistance to construct a new building, it was the help of about 60 college students that completed all the outdoor construction, such as fencing, building kennels and providing a number of pet supplies to the shelter, KFOR-TV reports.

The students, who were spending their school break volunteering, were part of the Foundation's Rescue U. The foundation reports that they came from Delaware Valley College, Montgomery County Community College in Pennsylvania, the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University.

Students built an outdoor cat play area, a new storage facility, new puppy pens, adult exercise pens, cat cages, a meet-and-greet area and constructed roofs over the outdoor dog kennels.

The work by Rescue U was funded by The Animal Rescue Site, which was able to give $65,000. The shelter was also given a $10,000 grant for food and veterinary supplies once the animals are moved back to the facility. 
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