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Animal rescue worker rallies to save pet fire victims

While a house fire can be devastating, people who have pets are especially at risk for emotional toil. Often, animals left alone in a home perish from smoke inhalation.

Now, one individual is doing his best to prevent such a disaster from happening. According to the Sun Journal, Bobby Silcott has spearheaded the POM project, an initiative aimed at getting pet oxygen masks on every ambulance and fire truck in Maine.

Silcott maintains that saving a pet after a fire can make all the difference in a family's ability to recover.

"If you can save the family pet, it's quite possibly the emotional glue that's going to hold them together after such a devastating event," he told the news outlet.

So far, the animal rescue activist has supplied 62 sets of masks to towns all around the state. Silcott's hope is that the move will cut down on the staggering number of pets that die every year in fires.

"All I know is that [if] it's saved a pet for them, and it's a really good thing," he told the news outlet.

According to the American Red Cross, the best way to ensure a pet's safety in case of a fire is to include them in your evacuation plan.
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