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Animal rescuers save dog with surfboard

An animal rescue team in Cambridge, Massachusetts saved a canine who had fallen into the waters of the icy waters of the Charles River. The workers used a surfboard to bring the pooch to safety, according to the Cambridge Chronicle.

The incident occurred on Monday, February 28, in the afternoon. The dog, a springer spaniel named Maggie, was on a walk with her guardian when she was distracted by some birds on the river. She took of running, but broke through the ice after about 100 or 150 yards, according to Cambridge Fire Chief of Operations Jack Gelinas.

Three firefighters went into the water and put the dog on a surfboard. They then pulled the surfboard to the shore, where Alan Borgal, director of The Animal Rescue League’s Center for the Protection of Animals, was watching.

“That was a very impressive rescue,” he told the news source. “Fire fighters don’t always rescue dogs. It was a really impressive rescue.”

The American Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals reminds pet owners to keep cats inside during cold weather, and to never leave a pet alone inside a car when temperatures are low.
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