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Animal rights activists push for registry of those convicted of cruelty to animals

For certain crimes, offenders are added to a list, which is open to the public, that catalogues the names and whereabouts of the criminals.
Now, some animal rights activists are advocating that a similar registry should be started to keep track of those who have been convicted of animal abuse, according to

A registry would serve to prevent those who have a history of violence toward animals from adopting one from animal rescue centers or animal adoption groups.

The measure would help to ensure that furry creatures in need of a home are given to a loving family.

"We think California is primed for this kind of a bill," State Senate majority leader Dean Florez, who introduced the bill in late February, told the news source. "We've progressed to the point where we as a legislature are moving in a direction of this bill, which is ultimately, how do we in essence prevent repeat offenses when it comes to cruelty to animals in the state of California."

According to the news provider, the largest hurdle for the bill is likely to be the funding that it would require. It is expected that the initiative would raise between $500,000 and $1 million by levying a 2 or 3 cent tax per pound of pet food.

The Humane Society of the United States claims that there are between 6 and 8 million cats and dogs entered in animal shelters every year.
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