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Animals have not-too-different romance techniques

Dung beetles, sea dragons, koalas and robins are all animals with courtship rituals not unlike those practiced by humans, according to TreeHugger in a Valentine's Day report.

These animals sing, dance, cook and in some cases even go for a romantic ride together.

After pairing off, dung beetles go for a ride on their self-made ball of excrement. It is usually the male that does the rolling, while the female hangs on tight to the ball, preparing to lay her eggs inside it once a suitable home is found.

Weedy Sea Dragons take part in an underwater dance-like ritual, and male species of robins are known to offer their potential females with small bugs to eat before partnership is cemented.

For koalas, famous for their laziness and love of sleep, the males will sing to catch the attention of female koalas in their vicinity. 

A common theme seems to be that male animals do more of the work while females make the ultimate decision.

For humans on Valentine's Day, men may be expected to sing, dance, or cook, but they are also predicted to spend twice as much money on their Valentine's Day gifts as women, according to the National Retail Federation's 2011 Survey.
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