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Arizona dog saves owner, survives snake bite

Kay Harrison of Tonopah, Arizona, was walking her dog Sammy, when the pooch seemed to notice something in the foliage nearby. The canine paused, and wouldn't let Harrison take another step, according to

At first, the pet owner was perplexed, but when she heard a distinctive rattling sound she knew that a poisonous rattlesnake was somewhere nearby. Suddenly, a snake struck out at them, and bit Sammy in the head.

The dog immediately began to experience the side effects of snake venom, becoming lethargic and displaying symptoms of acute pain, the news source reports.

Harrison sprang into action, and managed to get the dog into her car. She tore off to the vet, who was able to administer a snake-bite vaccine and save Sammy's life.

We're guessing that Harrison will never complain about having to walk her dog again!

If you're in need of a furry companion, head to your local animal rescue shelter. Providing a dog in need with a loving home is its own reward, but you never know - maybe the pooch you choose will one day save your life!
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