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Baby giraffe is the newest creature at Bayou Wildlife Park

Sparkie, a male reticulated giraffe born on Friday, January 14, is the newest creature at the Bayou Wildlife Park in Dickinson, Texas. His birth is no small matter - in fact, the infant stands at nearly 6 feet tall and weights 160 pounds, according to Texas' KHOU.

The newborn is in good condition, and was delivered by his mother, Bella, after approximately one hour of labor. The calf is Bella's seventh offspring, and the fourth giraffe born at the Bayou Wildlife Park since it opened its gates in 1981.

"Most of the animals from Africa, including giraffes, will give birth standing up," Clint Wolston, owner of the wildlife facility, told the news source. "When the baby hits the ground, it wakes up and starts walking so it can get away from predators."

It took Sparkie about 40 minutes to stand up after he was born. He joins approximately 500 animals from 19 countries that currently reside at the facility's 81 acres.

According to National Geographic, giraffes are the planet's tallest mammals and can run as fast as 35 miles per hour. Typically they travel in groups of six through open grasslands.
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