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Bangladeshi dog and monkey combo captivates locals

People in a northeastern village of Bangladesh have had their eyes on Mintu, a dog that just had a litter of puppies. But it was not the puppies that everyone wants to see - it is the monkey that has made itself at home among them, AFP News reports.

The dog breastfed the days-old monkey back to health after it was rescued from angry villagers who took it from its family after it damaged a rice field. The monkey has since joined in with the puppies during feeding sessions and Mintu has adopted it as her own, the news source reports.

"Mintu barks and reacts angrily if anyone disturbs the baby monkey, which travels around the village by riding on Mintu's back," Shipar Reza, Mintu's owner, told the news outlet."It's now a month since I found the monkey, but she shows no sign of going back to the wild,."

Reza added that the monkey had little chance of survival after the villagers separated it from its mother and family at such a young age, The Daily Mail reports.

"I hate to think what would have happened to it if it hadn't escaped and made its way to my house where it moved in with Mintu's puppies," he told the publication.
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