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Basset hound saves himself from accidental strangulation

Many dogs are bred to save human lives, but one basset hound saved its own in an altercation with a phone cord in England recently, The Week reports.

Left at home alone, the dog, George, somehow managed to get the phone cord wrapped around his neck, strangling him. In his panic to free himself, his paw dialed 999, the UK equivalent to 911. The operator only heard his heavy breathing on the other line and sent emergency responders to the house.

Finding George tangled in the cord, the police freed the dog, who recovered fully. His owner, Lydia Brown, 18, said it was sheer luck that his paw hit those particular numbers, according to ABC News. The phone did not even have push buttons, it was an old-fashioned model with the dialing ring.

Usually, the dog does not exhibit the highest level of intelligence.

"He's really dopey," she told the news outlet, "and just likes to chew socks."

The Week reports that George is not the first canine to call emergency services. In 2009, a golden retriever named Bailey dialed the emergency line in the UK while chewing on a cordless phone. Other dogs are trained to dial those specific numbers if their owners have a life-threatening health event, like a seizure. 
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