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Beavers needed for forest restoration, report says

It appears as though beavers are more than just adorable creatures - reports that they are also able to restore the natural landscape of rivers, streams and creeks.

This is great news not only for animal activists, but for government agencies as well. And, while decreasing human intervention can save money in the long-run, it turns out the flat-tailed species may be more knowledgeable about natural landscapes than their human counterparts.

"A lot of rivers are in trouble and need work and restoration, but it's amazing how little we know about the systems we're trying to fix," said lead author Melinda Daniels of Kansas State University. "We know they're broken, but we don't exactly know what they should look like because we know so little about how many of our river systems function."

The news source points out that beavers also instinctively know where to build dams because they are in touch with nature's ecosystem.

According to Beavers Wetlands and Wildlife, beavers breed twice a year and live close to water sources. They also possess the innate ability to control overpopulation. 
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