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Blinded black cat has stroke of luck

Anyone who thinks that black cats are unlucky has not heard about the fortunate feline in Scotland who was able to locate an animal rescue center with its head stuck in a can of food.

On Sunday morning, staff at the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) found the blindfolded animal outside of their Middlebank facility, with its faced wedged into an empty can of cat food, Deadline News reports.

Colin Seddon, manager of the Scottish SPCA's Wildlife Rescue Center in Fife, told the news source, "It's likely that she was scavenging and came across this discarded tin of cat food."

He added, "She may have got the can stuck on her head and then became disoriented - it's lucky she wasn't hit by a car."

After mercifully removing the can from the bemused feline's head, staff examined the animal and transferred her to the organization's Animal Rescue and Rehoming Center in Edinburgh.

Seddon told the news provider that the cat was found wearing a black collar with bright green cat eyes imprinted on the material, though the staff could not find a local owner.

The Scottish SPCA focuses on "rehoming" dogs and cats, but also looks to find shelter for endangered wildlife like rabbits.
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