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Blue-Collar Dogs TV special to air on February 21

A special feature on man's best friend will air on Nat Geo Wild Channel on Monday, February 21, at 8 p.m. ET, according to

The 3-hour long program will feature dogs that work as medical assistance canines, border patrol dogs and New York City police puppies.

"It was a pretty easy concept - there are working dogs everywhere. We started doing a little research, and realized there were dogs working in areas we'd never imagined. So it was an easy sell," Doug Shultz, producer, told the news source.

According to Shultz, the NYPD was the hardest to access, but once police officers knew that the show producers were serious about portraying their hard-working canine partners, the New York City police was "thrilled."

Viewers can watch a preview of Blue-Collar Dogs on the website, and catch the whole event, called Dogs With Jobs, on the Nat Geo Wild website.

The National Geographic-sponsored Nat Geo Wild includes other shows such as Caught In the Act, Dangerous Encounters, Expedition Wild and Rebel Monkeys.
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