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Bob Barker donates $100,000 to help rescued Bolivian lions

When 25 lions arrived in the U.S. from Bolivia on February 16, they were greeted by at least one famous American celebrity, reports the Daily Mail.

Bob Barker, the former host of The Price is Right and a longtime animal rights activist, donated $100,000 towards the animal rescue of the lions, among other animals, from deplorable conditions in Bolivian circuses.

A law was passed last year in Bolivia against the use of animals in circuses. Much of Barker's donation went towards tracking down and rescuing the animals within Bolivia.

"This has been a dream for so long, to empty a whole country of its circus animals," Jan Creamer, president of Animal Defenders International (ADI), told Reuters.

The lions, including mothers and cubs, will be taken to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado, following what has been nicknamed "Operation Lion Ark."

When the plane carrying the animals landed in Colorado, Bob Barker yelled an animal rights version of his famous catch-phrase on The Price is Right. Barker said, "Lion No. 1, come on down," reported the Daily Mail.
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