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Bobcat on the loose in Winnipeg

"Both of us grabbed our phones to take a picture of it. As we fumbled with that, it got up - three hops and it was gone." That's what Don Eastbrook told CTV News Winnipeg after he was working the front desk of a Winnipeg motel and spotted a seven-foot, 200-pound cougar outside on the lawn.

Eastbrook told the news source that he has seen plenty of wild animals pass by the motel, but never one so rare and exotic. Police dismissed any reports of a false alarm after confirming the story with other witnesses.

Dan Diawol of the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre mentioned of cougars, "In most cases, they're spooked and scared and want to get out just as much as we want them out." Diawol also hesitated to assume that the wild animal was, in fact, a cougar - stating that it may have been a bobcat or a lynx, the news source reports.

The police are warning people in the area not to come close to the animal since wild cats can be erratic and dangerous.
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