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British woman helps lead animal rescue in Japan

Following the devastating earthquake that hit Japan earlier this year, people have been working tirelessly to help rescue animals in the region. Such animal rescuers include Elizabeth Oliver, a 70-year-old woman who started the Animal Rescue Kansai organization, according to a new report from the Birmingham Mail.

Oliver told the news source about the many ways in which people go over and beyond to help animals, especially in a time of natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis.

"The group have to take up everything – their own petrol, food, water, supplies for the animals. Then they drive into the 20km area and rescue the animals. We then have another team which travels up from Osaka to meet them and bring back the animals," Oliver told the news source.

The Japanese earthquake was the deadliest in recent history for Japan, measuring at 9.0 magnitude and causing massive damage due to ensuing tsunamis. Animal rescue workers have been working around the clock, sometimes in dangerous environments, in order to save as many animals as possible.
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