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California governor to cut funding to shelters

Governer Jerry Brown is proposing a repeal of parts of Hayden's Law that would reduce funding the state of California gives to animal rescue shelters to keep stray animals alive, The Associated Press reports.

The proposal aims to save the state $23 million, but it would end reimbursements to animal shelters that pay for expenses such as food, veterinary care and pet supplies. It also wants to repeal the part of Hayden's Law that requires shelters to hold lost and stray pets for six days instead of three, the news outlet reports.

Although Brown's aim is to pull California out of its $9.2 billion deficit, animal advocates say that the repeal would bring shelters back to the olden days when a dog that was lost on Friday could be euthanized on Monday, leaving owners a small window in which to find their lost pet.

Hayden's Law was passed in 1998 by former state senator Tom Hayden, who is a professor of animal law at UCLA. It significantly changed the way that shelters operate and use euthanization, the Long Beach Post reports.

"Animals should not have to die to clean up California's mess," Hayden said in a video posted on YouTube.
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