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California woman houses 1,000 cats

Lynea Lattazio had to sell her diamond wedding ring and Mercedes to keep her cats healthy, but it didn't matter to her. Her lifelong passion has been caring for cats, which is why she now runs the world's largest cage-free cat sanctuary, The Cat House on the Kings, in Fresno, California, The Sun reports.

Lattazio began her operation 20 years ago when she brought home 15 sick kittens to rehabilitate. Within a year she had rescued 96 cats that would have been euthanized, and soon became known for her cause, so much so that people would leave boxes of abandoned cats at her doorstep. Now, more than 1,000 felines roam her gated property.

Supplies for the cats cost nearly $40,000 per month, but that doesn't stop her from following through with her dream that she says makes her feel like she is doing something good for the world.

She gets donations from the public and has gotten some from Ellen Degeneres' Halo program that helps California charities, she told the news source. She manages to keep the cats, as well as 20 dogs and a handful of goats, happy and healthy along with her staff of 23 people, according to the organization's website. 
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