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Can horses be man's best friend?

Old wisdom suggests that dogs are man's best friend, but anyone who has ever spent time with a horse knows that they make for loyal, interactive and steadfast companions.

New research, which is expected to be published in the journal Animal Behavior, has suggested that horses can understand words and verbal cues better than previously thought, and, perhaps even more impressively, they can remember human friends and complex problem-solving strategies for up to ten years, according to

Experts believe that horses have developed such excellent memories and advanced communication skills because of their social behavior in the wild and the relationships that they are capable of forming with their own relatives and horse friends, the news source reports.

"Horses maintain long-term bonds with several members of their family group, but they also interact temporarily with members of other groups when forming herds," expert Carol Sankey told the website.

Those who have a soft spot for our equine friends could search for an animal rescue organization in their area and donate their time, support and resources to making sure that these intelligent and loving animals are treated with the care and respect that they deserve.
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