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Canada province outlaws dog ear cropping

The Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association recently announced a ban on cosmetic cropping of dogs' ears, stating that it is "unnecessary in the canine species, causing pain and distress to the patient without any medical benefit," AFP reports.

Ear cropping has been traditionally performed on dogs such as Doberman pinschers, Great Danes, and miniature Schnauzers, creating a pure breed standard on a number of breeds, according to During the procedure, the ear flaps are surgically removed, and the remaining ear is bandaged and attached to a splint in order to stand up straight.

Veterinarian T.J. Dunn, Jr., reports on that he is personally opposed to the practice because of the way it causes an animal unnecessary pain simply for the dog to "look right" and conform to breed standards.

Breeder Cindy Kowalchuk told the AFP that removing the floppy part of the ear can prevent injury when dogs fight. However, Canadian vets do not seem to agree. All four of Canada's Eastern maritime provinces have also enacted similar bans, and are publicizing it now along with Manitoba. 
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