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Cat rescued from storm drain in Boston, Massachusetts

A Boston cat got itself stuck in quite the unfortunate predicament recently, reports. Luckily, the feline was saved by a bunch of kindhearted passers-by.

The animal, whose head was caught in a storm drain, was first spotted in Braintree, Massachusetts, by a plumbing inspector. After attempting to free the feline by using petroleum jelly and food grade oil, authorities were called in for help.

The animal was then transferred to the VCA South Shore Animal Hospital in Weymouth, where she was sedated and finally released from the grate.

Marybeth McGrath, Director for the Department of Municipal Licenses and Inspections, seems especially pleased with how the incident turned out.

"I admit that this type of response and rescue is definitely out of the ordinary, but clearly demonstrates the exceptional compassion and wonderful team work exhibited by our town employees for every resident of the town, even if in this case it does have four legs," the news source reports her as writing in an email.

Those who see an animal in need or danger are advised to call their local Humane Society or nearest animal shelter.
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