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Cat reunited with its owner four years after disappearance

Pet owners who are wondering if it's worth having a microchip implanted in their furry friend may want to hear the story of Colin, a black cat who disappeared from his Lancashire, England, home four years ago.

The Express reports that Peter and Maria O'Neill were recently reunited with their beloved feline this Christmas, and it was all thanks to the pioneering technology.

Colin's much-delayed homecoming happened after he started hanging around a home in the same town as his owners. The woman who lived there took him to an animal rescue shelter where he was scanned. Soon after, the O'Neills were told of the discovery.

"I simply said his name and he instantly recognized me," Maria O'Neill told the news outlet. "He bounded up and stuck his head under my arm. It was a magical moment and it left me close to tears."

According to, 80 percent of pets who are not microchipped never make it back to their owners again. Paying for the procedure could help your furry loved one find its way back home and prevent an unfortunate incident.
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