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Cat takes up permanent residence in tree

Though there have been many instances of cats getting stuck in trees, it appears that one feline in Belleville, Wisconsin, is quite happy with his arboreal lifestyle. The 7-month-old kitty named Almond has never left the branches of the tree it calls home, reports the Wisconsin State Journal.

Ron Venden has never witnessed the cat leave the maple tree outside his home - in fact, he has never even seen a paw print around the base of the tree, suggesting that Almond lives in the branches full time. The animal was born in the tree, but decided to stay behind even after his mother and litter-mates had moved on.

Venden has been using a ladder to bring food to the cat since it was a kitten.

"[Almond] was a little feisty at first," Venden told the news source. "Now it's a pretty big cat and it's just loving to see me." Venden admitted that some of his neighbors find his care for the cat a bit eccentric.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, most young cats need to be fed controlled portions twice a day.
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