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Cats Color And Personality

Cat ColorDid you happen to choose the color of your cat based on what you've heard their personality type would be like? It may sound funny but just like humans, cats have been judged by their color too!

A study by University of California Berkley researchers have found a popular assumption that orange cats are friendly, black cats are evil, and white cats to be big snobs. Unfortunately because of our bias, a study by the Anthrozoos has found a negative link between our perceptions of our feline friends and the negative affects of their adoption rates. With the number of cat loving fans, who love the likes of Maru or the Grumpy Cat, they are lucky to not be a part of the one million domesticated cats out of 10 million who still end up in shelter's each year.

Berkley researchers also found with our color bias, certain colored cats become more favorable over others, but there still is little evidence that shows a cat's personality is based on their color. Our preconceptions, whether conscious or unconscious, definitely has an affect on whether or not these pretty kitties will find a happy home or not. So whether you're looking for a cat like Garfield, Heathcliff, or Felix The Cat, you'll only be able to base it by looks. Let's break down the stereotypes and remember cats, like humans, have a personality of their own. Looks definitely can be deceiving so don't judge a cat by it's cover!

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