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Cats are silver lining for North Carolina tornado victims

The tornado that blew through the southeast U.S. last week left many people homeless, including Roger and Jamie Rummage. However, their recent reunion with their cats made them feel hopeful, The-Dispatch reports.

The roof of the Rummage's home was ripped off in the tornado, carrying it nearly a mile away. Their two-car garage was twisted off their house and is now in the backyard. The family escaped to safety, but did not know where their cats went during the disaster.

"I thought to myself, when we couldn't find them, I wondered if they got sucked up and the air just picked them up and threw them somewhere," Jamie Rummage told the news outlet. "I don't know where they actually ran out."

The cats were found by neighbors and were reunited with the Rummages just days later, and both seemed to be in perfect health.

"If there was a bright spot in this and there haven't been many, that was one of them," Rummage added. "Like my husband said, 'We can't replace Sunny and Stormy.'"

Many people and pets escaped the storm, but it killed six people and caused massive destruction, The Associated Press reports.  
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