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Cats still active even without eyesight

Katie's Place, an animal shelter in Canada, has seen a slight uptick in the amount of cats coming in with vision problems, reports Maple Ridge News.

Cats experiencing vision problems are rare, so when three of them came in within a month of each other, it was an interesting sight to see.

Cora and Aruba are both completely blind, while Sparrow has one functioning eye. Luckily for them, not having perfect eyesight won't prevent them from living a comfortable life.

The vision of animals is different from humans, as they are not as dependent on their eyes as we are. They use their whiskers, noses and ears to help them navigate their surroundings.

Researchers at the University of Alberta found that cats rely more on their movements than their eyesight, reports the news source. The more they navigate around a certain environment, the more comfortable they become in it.

If your pet is squinting or developing any kind of discharge around their eyes, they may have an infection. Taking them to their veterinarian can clear that right up and ensure they live a happy and healthy life.ADNFCR-2796-ID-19788133-ADNFCR
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