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Chicago doggie day care seeks to help abused dogs

When abusive dog owners are arrested for their crime against animals, the dogs - whether house pets or part of the person's illegal dogfighting ring - are often taken by police and euthanized. But a program in Chicago, Illinois, is working to give these dogs a second chance at life, and a dog daycare is pitching in to help, the Elmhurst Press reports.

Safe Humane Chicago's Court Case program rescues dogs from abusive owners and has been able to rehabilitate about 75 out of 116 dogs that it has taken in, volunteer Jess Craigie told the news source. After a "rigorous observation period," the volunteers determine whether the dog is capable of becoming a happy house pet and work to socialize it until it is adoptable.

Now, Craigie's extended family's business, Tail Gate for Dogs, based out of Elmhurst, Chicago, is helping. The company is a dog day care and boarding facility, and is helping to house some of the rescued animals until they can find adoptive families.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals reports that it is important for neighbors to keep their eyes and ears open in order to report cases of dog abuse.
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