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Chicago to strictly enforce dog license law

Dog owners' legal obligation to license their pets has been around for many years, but it has been easy to disregard this law, which can cost up to $50 a year, because there are no consequences for not obeying it, the Chicago Sun Times.

Until now.

Now, the city is planning on more strictly enforcing the law by ticketing people who do not have licenses for their dogs, the news source reports. Tickets, which would range from $50 to $200, could be given to owners who could not show a license to an animal control officer who asks for it.

The city plans to start cracking down after a 90-day education campaign on the importance of licensing a dog, Cherie Travis, executive director of the Commission on Animal care and Control, told the news source.

Dogs must be vaccinated for rabies in order for owners to purchase a license, so the goal is really to make sure dogs are up to date on vaccinations, Travis added. Licenses are $5 for sterilized dogs and $50 for non-sterilized. There is also a senior discount.

According to Sonoma County, California's official Animal Care and Control website, dog licenses also make it easier to identify a dogs owner should it get lost, reducing the amount of dogs at shelters.  
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