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Chihuahua saves the day during robbery in California

A brave Chihuahua names Paco foiled the criminal plans of two men who attempted to rob a smoke shop in Altadena, California, recently, the Los Angeles Times reports.

County sheriffs released the surveillance video of the robbery in hopes of identifying the criminals, but it has gone viral as viewers across the nation admire the 10-pound dog's ability to thwart a crime. The video shows two hooded men with bandannas running into the store and demanding money, one of them holding a rifle.

While the store owner begins putting money into the robber's backpack as instructed, Paco runs out, barking ferociously at the two men, jumping on them and causing them to run from the store with less money than they could have stolen. Although one of the men points the rifle at the shop keeper and at Paco, he did not fire and neither of them were injured in the ordeal.

Paco is now a local and national celebrity, after having appeared on Good Morning America as a "crimestopper," according to the Whitter Daily News.  
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