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Christmas miracle: Dog comes back to life for family

Reta and Paul McKinlay were not looking forward to breaking the tragic news to their grandchildren that their 8-month-old Yorkshire terrier-Shih Tzu mix, Scamp, had been killed when it was hit by a car.

However, the couple got to give their grandchildren the happy news that the dog had seemed to come back to life - what they are now considering a Christmas miracle, The Huffington Post reports.

They had wrapped their beloved companion's body in a blanket and left him outside so they could plan his burial the next day, and broke the news to their grandchildren that the pooch had gone to heaven.

"It was real sad to watch them crying over their dog and drawing pictures. We were trying not to cry," Reta McKinlay told KOMO News.

When they went to retrieve Scamp's body the next morning, they found he was sitting up and breathing - very alive. Although the couple spend a considerable amount afterward on the dog's veterinary bills, it was worth it to tell the children that the dog would live.

"Christmas is about the kids. It's about miracles, it's about hope, it's about family being together. Scamp is part of our family," McKinlay told the news source. 
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