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Congressman Grimm adopts dog while 120 more are rescued

Animal rescue services saved about 120 dogs from a puppy mill in Tennessee on the same day that U.S. Congressman Michael Grimm of New York adopted a rescue dog.

The Congressman's dog, named Sebastian, will go to live in D.C. while the Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) is taking means to provide homes for the other rescued dogs.

The founder and president of the American Dog Rescue (ADR) had the following words to say about these two feats of animal rescue occurring on the same day:

"It is the tens of thousands of donors, philanthropists and rescue workers that make such events possible. It is happening more and more as an everyday occurrence now thanks to people like Ady Gil [of Ady Gil World Conservation]. Today is special only because it was noticed. Sebastian has got a great life ahead of him and will be an excellent ambassador for puppy mill dogs and other pets in need of rescue everywhere," said Benjamin.

Benjamin's ADR group along with Ady Gil World Conservation gave significant funds to the Animal Rescue Corps which rescued the dogs from the puppy mill.

Many more dogs across the U.S. are in need of adoption. Animal rescue shelters often advocate spaying and neutering in order to prevent animal overpopulation and unnecessary euthanasia.
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