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DOGTV keeps shelter canines entertained

A dog shelter in San Diego County installed DOGTV to see if it helped calm its dogs. According to Sally Costello, executive director of Escondido Humane Society, she saw a marked improvement in all of the dogs that watch DOGTV. Costello says that higher-energy dogs, which were once showing signs of anxiety, are now exhibiting positive development and calmer behavior, including vocalizing less and resting more.

A cable TV program aimed especially at dogs, DOGTV is aired in an eight-hour block, with video has been shot from a dog’s point of view. The show features such activities as chasing a ball and relaxing. Because dogs can see blue and yellow but not red or green, colors have been muted. To protect sensitive canine ears, the altered sound removes irritating high-frequency noise and music has been added that is specially written for dogs.

Currently, DOGTV is aired only in the San Diego area, but the company plans to go nationwide in coming months. DOGTV also is available as a 24/7 streaming service for the Apple iPhone/iPad.

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