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Daredevil pit bull dodges traffic in New York

Morning commuters in New York got a surprise Wednesday and Thursday mornings, as a plucky pit bull ran through rush hour traffic for eight hours.

According to the Sun Times, the dog, named Ike by the police officers who rescued him, is safe and out of harm's way. Still, authorities are perplexed at how the pooch found his way into the chaotic scene.

"I didn't say anything," Broadview police officer Antonio Santucci, who caught the dog, told the news source. "I was just hoping he wasn't going to turn violent and bite on me."

Ike eventually got tired and surrendered, and was immediately put on an IV drip. The exhausted dog doesn't have a tag or microchip, so his owner is still unknown. Until then, veterinarians are watching over him.

"He's worn out - he's done a lot of running," Hillchester veterinarian Tracy Garza told the news outlet.

If no one claims Ike, he may head to the local animal rescue shelter.
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