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Detroit Zoo director pushes for exotic pet legislation to remain strict

The director of the Detroit Zoo, Ron Kagan, is trying to put a stop to the proposed changes of Senate Bill 210. The Daily Tribune reports that the changes would relax the regulations on exotic pet ownership, which seems like an especially bad idea after the recent owner negligence that led to the escape and subsequent shooting of dozens of exotic animals in Ohio.

"We've dealt with those situations many times," Kagan told The Detroit Free Press. "We had a lion that was in a crack house in Detroit. We had another lion in a basement. There was an accident on 696 transporting [lions] and the trailer flipped."

Government officials are considering altering the legislation to accept exotic pet applicants who are accredited by the Zoological Association of America. Currently, they must meet the standards set in place by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, which also regulates the Detroit Zoo. Kagan's zoo is required to have emergency weapons and tranquilization specialists on hand at all times in case of an incident to avoid situations like the recent events in Ohio.

"That process and accreditation is far different from AZAA - it's not as rigorous," Kagan said of the ZAA, according to the publication.
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