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Dog in the United Kingdom rescues kittens

Most people believe that dogs and cats are at odds with one another. However, a pup from the U.K. recently proved the opposite.

According to New Zealand's Southland Times, a canine named Shyla has been helping nurse a number of needy kittens for the past three years. The dog, who has experienced a number of false pregnancies, can do so because she still produces milk.

Shyla's owner, Angela McFall, spoke with the news source about how her beloved four-legged friend saved seven cats from being euthanized.

"We drove to Ashburton as I had heard there were some kittens that were going to be put down," she told the news outlet. "We stuck our feelers out because we knew she was producing milk."

The news provider went onto explain that Shyla probably doesn't realize the creatures she's helping are of a different species.

Shyla isn't the first pup to become a foster mom for kittens in need. CBS News reports that in 2008, a loving canine named Lilly helped feed a litter of felines who didn't have a mom.
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